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Topic: Was Kurzweil at NAMM?

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    Was Kurzweil at NAMM?

    Just curious, really--they seem to have opted entirely out of the software market, unlike their competitors, and only release a keyboard every few years. Assuming they were there, what were they showing?

    (Yes, I want a software version of a K2600.)

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    Re: Was Kurzweil at NAMM?

    Yes, Kurzweil was there.

    Kurzweil is simply rebuilding after having minimal R&D and product development funding for a number of years.

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    Re: Was Kurzweil at NAMM?

    So....... Nothing on display that might hint at future products or directions? I really want to see that brand come back to life again.
    Paul Baker
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    Re: Was Kurzweil at NAMM?

    I had an hour-long conversation with Roger Jessup (of Kurzweil) at the Arturia booth. We talked about the mods he used to do for the old Yamaha CS-80s as well as what a shame it was that the Kurzweil MIDIBoard was so misunderstood as a controller and musical instrument. I didn't get to see what they had at the show, but it was cool to re-connect with some of the folks that have been in the biz for a long time.
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