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Topic: back to midi---a little help here please

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    back to midi---a little help here please

    I started midi with Creator, then Opcode Studio Pro, then Apple's Logic Pro.
    I've been away from midi for some time and want to get back. I've got some antik stuff
    Mac G4 1.25DP (MDD) with 2Gb ram
    Logic Pro 6
    emagic AMT 8 midi processor
    Audiowerk 2 audio card
    Garritan Personal Orchestra (sorry, gary, not antik)
    2 Roland D50s, Korg 05/W, Proteus 2 (I need these for expression)
    I am a not professional, but I tend toward classical music. My question is will this equipment plus an upgrade to Logic Pro 7 make harmony or are there weak spots or incompatibilities above? I do have a G5, but I don't want to invest in more hardware right now.
    I see Steinberg's midi software and sonar seem to be the most popular midi programs on this forum. I'm looking for an easy midi program if I don't go the upgrade to Logic Pro (I don't use more than 35% of Logic).
    Many thanks.

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    Re: back to midi---a little help here please

    I don't know about Logic as I've never used it.

    I've downloaded the trial version on Sonar and it's very useful (especially when I don't have a Mod wheel on my keyboard), I can use tencrazy.com's PW-Map to have my pitch bender act as a mod wheel. But if you're looking for even easier to use MIDI program I suggest Fruity Loops. Very simple in the fact that; you press record-> play-> then loop (or don't, if you want changes along the way). But there's no MIDI FX with FL (that I know of) like you can get with other MIDI programs.

    I wish I had enough money for Sonar, even with my student discount I'm still a few shiny pennies short.

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    Re: back to midi---a little help here please

    Hi Sam,

    Good news! Not much has changed with midi since you got all that stuff. What has changed is that everythng is moving towards lots of sampled/virtual instruments which sound better than what is available on the older hardware synths - but at a cost. It takes a lot of memory and CPU power to run them.

    If you were able to run Garritan Personal Orchestra on your machine with no problems before then you should still be in good shape there. You can add all your keyboards as external midi modules and they take almost no overhead.

    As for sequencers, I think Logic is the most popular Mac sequencer on the poll. Sonar is a PC only program (no Mac) and Cubase on the Mac is used by a lot fewer people. So I think you are good with Logic.

    As far as upgrading Logic, you need to talk to some of the Logic users. It may not be necessary to upgrade to 7.0. If you are not a power user, then you may be just fine staying where you are for now.

    Kenny Long

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    Re: back to midi---a little help here please

    Thanks, Kenny and Luke:
    I guess I'll stick with the Logic Pro 7 path. I have to go Pro 7 because my XSKey from Pro 6 no longer works and Apple stopped replacing these Pro 6 keys about a year ago. I appreciate the time you've taken to bring me up-to-date with the state of the midi. I look forward to getting back into composing. Beethoven is safe.

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