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Topic: Midi Message for Attack

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    Midi Message for Attack

    Can anyone help me please.
    I am using Garritan Personal Orchestra with Cubase SX on a PC.
    I am working on a piece of music at the moment and I need to increase the attack time of the string sections.
    Can anyone tell me what midi message I need to use to make the attack time faster?

    Look forward to hearing from anyone.

    Hudson Swan

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    Re: Midi Message for Attack

    Use a higher velocity. (Strike the keys harder.)

    You might check if your MIDI keyboard response (if you're using one) is adjustable. If so, set it for "Easier", and the keyboard will transmit a higher velocity with your normal playing.

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    Re: Midi Message for Attack

    Thanks for the extremely fast response John.
    I shall give it a go...........

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