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Topic: GPO and FL Studio

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    GPO and FL Studio

    Are there any avid users of Garritan with FL Studio around here? I've owned both for quite a while now and have a strong understanding of both but want to make things sound more realistic. Up until now I've only used garritan with FL for short clips, or piano work. But recently I decided to take a stab at a string quartet, and needless to say its been a rough ride so far! I've read up on alot of the music lessons and tutorials and they certainly have helped, but I was wondering if anybody had some more specific advice on things like sustains/portamento. Also I'd love to see some links to some advanced tutorials for Garritan/FL or even some .FLP files to look at and study. But really any help would be appreciated

    Oh and hi, I'm Andrew

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    Re: GPO and FL Studio

    so nobody uses FL???? theres gotta be a few out there!

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    Re: GPO and FL Studio

    Hi Anderw and welcome to the forum.

    There certainly are some FL Studio - GPO users out there. Have you seen the basic tutorial on our site? - http://www.garritan.com/tutorial/GPO...0FLStudio.html
    We also have some tutorials on strings and ensemble building that you may find helpful. Perhaps some users will be willing to share some FLP files.


    Gary Garritan

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    Re: GPO and FL Studio

    Ah! Mr. Garritan himself! Thanks for the response! I have looked at those tutorials quite a bit; The one you have linked to helped me out quite a bit when I was a Garritan neophyte some 2 years ago now. My problem is that I come from a percussion background and have little understanding of music theory outside of that particular realm (I've never picked up a string instrument in my life other than a guitar and I play alot by ear), so I've read quite a bit from most of the other tutorials but I was looking for something more along the lines of techniques within FL to make my strings sound that much better and realistic. I know it's probably just wishful thinking to expect somebody to hand over their project file but I would certainly appreciate it!

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    Re: GPO and FL Studio

    I'm not sure you can make realistic "real instrument" sounds without a bit of hands on experience on the real instrument. In music school, we had methods classes where we spent a few weeks learning to play each instrument. We certainly didn't achieve any proficiency, but we did learn something about how the instrument worked.

    If you have not studied the Techniques of Orchestration material on this site, you might want to do that - it may help you. Also, there are books written for various instruments. There's even a "Violin for Dummies" book that might help you understand more about the instrument.

    I think you need a little better understanding of how the real instrument works, and what has to be done to play it, before you can transfer that to a sequencing program such as FL.

    All of that applies to making sounds like a real player. If you're looking for soundscape/electronic sounds, your own creativity and experimentation should lead you to the sound you want.

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    Re: GPO and FL Studio

    Thanks for the input Juan. I agree with you 100% that I am going to need some real hands on experience for the most realism. I am currently talking to an old friend about getting her to do some pro bono viola lessons :P as for the technical work I am pretty decent and composing/sequencing but I would still love to see some more polished FLP files just to have something to look at and study (I promise I wont steal your music, maybe just your EQ techniques )

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