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Topic: 2 sample drives; possible?

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    2 sample drives; possible?

    (Cross-posting in the sample library forum, too.)

    I found out that a couple of years ago, one of the stores I buy from neglected to apply a discount that I was eligible for. They themselves only discovered the mistake yesterday, and as a result, I can now order $520 worth of free stuff! (Don't you wish you were me?)

    While there are a number of sample libraries I could spend this on, my need right now is for storage. My sample drive is getting close to being full, and I think I'd like to order another hard drive for my computer.

    The only question mark here is that I don't know if there are any issues I should be aware of in using two drives for streaming samples in one computer. (I use Kontakt 2 mainly, and also have Vienna Chamber Strings, with its own sample player.) Does anyone else do this? Is it a good solution?

    Or should I just save the money toward buying a new computer for sample playback? Or maybe a Receptor?

    Or should I just take the cash and buy everyone a beer?

    Thanks for helping me decide!
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: 2 sample drives; possible?

    Although I currently only need one drive for samples myself, I know of others that do have multiple drives for samples on their computer. It probably will be fine, though I do not know enough to say what your MOBO may or may not be able to handle in terms of drive configurations.

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    Re: 2 sample drives; possible?

    Hey Dan,

    There shouldn't be any problem with running another drive for samples. The thing to remember is, it should be a "Master" on its own bus. Don't run it in the "Slave" position on a bus that's already in use, or have a slower device like DVD drive in the "Slave" position while the drive is the "Master".

    Of course, this won't likely be a problem if you're buying a SATA drive, instead of an older PATA (EIDE) drive. What you go with will probably be dictated by your motherboard's available interfaces; you can always buy another EIDE or SATA host card if you're out of buses on the motherboard.

    Hope that helps!

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