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Topic: Logic Express and GPO crashes

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    Logic Express and GPO crashes


    I purchased both GPO and JABB through the Christmas group buy. It was a great deal. However, I am trying to use GPO with Logic Express without much success. Specifically, I had an existing song with 8 instruments. I replaced them with GPO instruments (violin, viola, cello and bass sections; solo flute, trumpet, trombone and tuba). When I play the piece straight through, it works fine. However, if I try to do any editing, LE crashes. Specifically, if I stop the piece while playing, move the SPL and then restart, LE goes berserk - bits and pieces of the music are played, but the display freezes and eventually I get a message from the OS stating "The Application Logic Express quit unexpectedly."

    The stand-alone GPO player works fine and I am able to use GPO with GarageBand, although I get a lot of cracks and clicks when playing pieces (this doesn't happen with LE). I have contacted NI and reported my problems. However, their responses have not been exactly helpful. After trying one of their solutions, I respond within the day, but then have to wait for about a week before their next response. In addition, their "solutions" have been pretty obvious. First, they directed me to reinstall GPO (a week went by after I informed them this didn't work), then they directed me to increase the audio I/O buffer size (a week has again gone by without hearing from them).

    Given the lack of support from NI, I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem. For the record, my machine is a Mirror Door Dual 1.42GHz G4 with 2 GB of memory. I am running Logic Express 7.2.3, GPO and Mac OS X 10.4.8.

    By the way - does anyone know whether the coming update to Universal Binary for GPO and JABB will include bug fixes and performance improvements for G4/G5 machines or will it just be a cross-port to Mac-Intel of the Kontact2 player?

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    Re: Logic Express and GPO crashes

    NI got back to me and we figured out the problem. I am posting this in case someone else runs into it in the future.

    The original instruments were stereo instruments and I inserted the GPO instruments as mono. When I changed them to stereo, the crashes stopped. [However, I now get a lot of clicks and cracks in the audio. I suppose this is because my machine is underpowered to render 8 GPO instruments at once).

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