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Topic: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

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    Red face MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    Sorry to use an old and, possibly for many of you, obscure advertisement, but in this case, it is very true for me.

    This piece is not your ordinary Jerry Wickham material. And Yet, it is...
    It's hard to explain.
    I am wandering farther into less-tonal territory. But I am still melodically driven and I still think in phrases. It is not THAT far out - but is farther than what you are used to hearing from me.

    This is possibly the prelude to a larger planned suite called "Obsidian" Which describes in various movements the qualities of volcanic glass.

    Many thanks to Dan Kury (DPDan) for rendering this for me. I needed non-vibrato string patches, which do not exist in GPO so he offered to replace my strings with GOS. And, while he was at it, he offered to mix the rest for me too. Who am I to turn down an offer like that??
    His render is much more how I had it in my head than my original Finale-based version was. Thanks a million, Dan! This is just so cool.

    Hold onto your hats ladies and gentlemen. Listen with open ears and minds.

    Jerry Wickham

    EDIT - I have revised the audio file with a new mix that has alto flute on the lower phrases.

    And the score has been edited. I renamed the harp notes that would not have worked well, added the alto flute part, and I have added 2 Bb trumpet parts that had been played in the previous version by the horns - but as Nikolas pointed out, it was too high for the dynamic I had them at. Thanks for the help guys!


    and the pdf score for those interested:


    GPO used:
    Solo Piccolo vibrato
    Solo Flute Vibrato
    Oboe Modern 2
    French Horn Muted 1 and 2
    Chromatic Harp 2

    GOS for strings and added Strad and Gofriller in the mix.
    MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 2.5ghz 4GB Ram OSX 10.5.8
    Korg TritonLe & MAudio Oxygen 8
    T3, Logic 9, DP7, K2, GPO4, Strad, Gofriller, C&MB, Finale 2010

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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    Very nice.

    I like this kind of music too.

    The sound is incredible.
    The mixing is excellent but i can not discern the sound of strad above the GOS (i guess that's what you want may be)


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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    I like it very much! This is also my kind of music,

    The rendering is indeed quite incredible, and I do take my hat of Dan as well.
    The composition is very well made as well, although I do have one point, if you don't mind...

    The French horns play at an awfully high register, in a very low dynamic (p) (ag. b. 12) which is almost out of range, and certainly very difficult to play in a low dynamic... :-/

    On the score, which is very well made, just one small (tiny) observation on the harp spelling. (b. 17) you have at the same time E, Eb and Db, A and Ab. This, as it looks (and at the speed that it is performed, cause at a slower pace, one could assume thayt the harpist would have enough time to change pedals...) is unplayable. Change the E to Fb, and the Ab to G#.

    I hope you don't mind this small feedback.

    Other than that, this kind of music, is really my type of thing that I never got down to do it properly...

    Thank you very much for sharing

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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    I am not usually a fan of this type of music, but I like this very much. And your are right, the rendering is very cool.

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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    Very very well done, both of you.

    I wish I had GOS. And Altiverb.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    Jerry, thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed the way you constanly build and release tension. When the low horns come in, it really changes the feel.

    It is exciting to hear what people are able to do with the Garritan tools. Listening to your piece inspires me to go write something of my own.

    Kenny Long

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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    Wow – this is music that encourages active listening. Being a filmmaker, I started seeing images and sequences. Very enjoyable indeed – thank you!


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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier


    This is very beautiful - very haunting, without being cliched. Is this part of a larger work/movement? It certainly has that potential; but it is fine just as it is. The rendering is, indeed, superb - my hat is off to both of you. This is so convincing, musically and sonically. Not what I was expecting in the morning, but an invigorating and inspiring posting. Thanks for sharing this with us!
    Ron Pearl





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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    Hi Jerry,

    I really liked this piece! Thanks for posting the score - it made listening that much more enoyable for me. It unfolds in waves, and I do hear this as very melodic, if not traditionally tonal. Nice instrument choices!
    Oh, while I'm thinkig of it, did you consider alto flute as a possible color for this piece? I like the flute down there on its lowest B, which made me think the huskiness of alto flute might also add just an extra bit of color. I really liked your use of piccolo, too.


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    Re: MOVE OVER BACON - Now there's something meatier

    This is fabulous! As a prelude to your subject matter, I think it painted quite a picture of a volcanic process inside the earth. Slow but filled with massive amounts of potential energy and dark, but hot at the same time.

    Really great writing. And great work by Dan as well for bringing such realism to the score.

    Well done!
    Experience what is necessary to build upon self character, for that is Life's most significant learning event.

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