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Topic: Lorin Maazel interview

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    Lorin Maazel interview

    (This week from Las Vegas where Lorin Maazel is conducting)

    This was very interesting to me. He spoke about music and especially conducting but his ideas seemed to apply to a lot of things. He even likens music to politics directly. (the politics is only a few seconds ... the preparation of the orchestra was the best part for me) I couldn't make myself turn off the car radio.


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    Re: Lorin Maazel interview

    The link is already dead, too bad ...
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    Re: Lorin Maazel interview

    I am also sorry that the link has gone down.
    Some years ago I, through a job I had servicing pipe organ humidifiers, was able to listen to a full orchestral rehearsal of the Scottish National Orchestra from the Usher Hall in Edinburgh organ loft. It was fasinating. Hearing and seeing what the conductor really does ahead of the public performance, so as to be able to be flamboyant during that performance. As someone who didn't but wished I had studied music it certainly changed my opinion, on what he is there for. Not just to move the baton in a particular fashion as a music teacher in high school once showed.


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    Re: Lorin Maazel interview

    This should work. Sorry, I didn't see this until now.


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