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Topic: How to assingn 'aftertouch' to controller?

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    Question How to assingn 'aftertouch' to controller?

    My keyboard has an aftertouch slider, but apparently does not recognize aftertouch in the keys. Is aftertouch something that a good keyboard/controller should have?

    Anyway, I'm not finding, in the manual, how to assign the aftertouch slider to aftertouch in Stradivari. The programming for the aftertouch key seems to be quite complex:

    5-2 (slider number on keyboard), SE0, F0, 41, 10, 42, 12, C55, 40, 16L, 31, d?0, CS1, F7, P1

    It doesn't seem like something that could be programmed to a simple controller like volume is.

    Maybe I need to talk to Edirol.

    : -)

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    Re: How to assingn 'aftertouch' to controller?

    Your midi edit option list should include something called channel pressure. It does the same thing as after touch. You may be able to assign this function to a fader.

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