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Topic: Pyramid Sound samples (and Kontakt 2)

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    Question Pyramid Sound samples (and Kontakt 2)

    I'm getting ready to purchase NI's Komplete 4, which includes Kontakt 2, and I'm wanting to use some of the great Real Rhodes, MelloKurz and Drone Archeology samples from Pyramid Sound:


    Thing is, there are several different formats to choose from. I'm fairly new to sequencing and samples, so I don't really know the difference between Akai S5000, Akai S2000, KDFX, K2x00, etc. Has anyone ever imported any of those formats successfully into Kontakt 2?

    From what I gather, Akai would probably be the safest choice, but some of the CDs don't come in an Akai version (MelloKurz, Pyramid Collection, for example) - and even if they do, I wouldn't know which sub-format (S1000, S6000, etc.) to go with. (or would that even matter?)

    They're not cheap, so I want to make sure I'm getting compatible stuff. I e-mailed the company but haven't heard back yet (to be fair, I only contacted them this morning, so I'm sure they'll reply soon). Thought I'd ask you guys too though.

    Thanks for any insights.

    - Bobby

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    Re: Pyramid Sound samples (and Kontakt 2)

    I use Drone Archeology since many years.
    Great sound palette!

    Funnyly enough. I bought it in GIGA format and in these days it is only available in AKAI Format.
    No problems at all to translate it into K2 format.

    :-) Jovan
    the man with the blue guitar

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    Re: Pyramid Sound samples (and Kontakt 2)

    I don't use any of these specific libraries, but so far I've never had any problem importing AKAI samples into Kontakt 2. I'm fairly certain I've imported S5000 as well as S1000, without any hiccup. Then, after any tweaking I just resave the library as a Kontakt intrument.

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    Re: Pyramid Sound samples (and Kontakt 2)

    Akai instruments translating well into Kontakt2 for me.

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    Re: Pyramid Sound samples (and Kontakt 2)

    Although the conversion facilities (from Chickensys) in Kontakt 2 can handle Kurzweil, any sample sets that use KDFX (high quality, multichannel effects processor, which comes as standard on the Kurz K2600, is an option on the K2500 and not available on the K2000) would loose a lot (and may not work).

    Also, I'm not sure that Kurzweil macros are now supported (and if they are, how well the translation works). When I checked, several months ago, Chickensys were about to start beta testing, but I haven't heard anything since.

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