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Topic: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

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    Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    From the manual:

    D1-G2 hits with left hand
    D3-G4 hits with right hand

    IMHO that means the notes, pitches on the timpani.

    Playable rolls: (only right hand)

    C0 - standard single hit
    D0 - playable release trigger rolls

    Suppose I want a roll on G4 what do I do? How do I notate that?


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    Re: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    Oh wow, the gymnastics you folks on notation programs have to go through. I sympathize. Naturally with a sequencer program like I use, you just play whatever you need, regardless of what it looks like in a staff line.

    You can manually insert things without them triggering MIDI, correct? So can't you insert the half note with appropriate slash marks, but have it pointed to an empty slot--so it won't trigger the tymp? Another track with the actual playing of the roll would be hidden for printing purposes, but active for rendering--?

    Or--am I making all this up. lol--I don't use a notation program obviously.


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    Re: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    I can't do without a notation program. And the notes are converted to midi, so what does this "roll" look like in Midi?


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    Re: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    Hi, Raymond

    What I was wondering in my earlier reply, is if you can have the visible Tympani staff line point to a dummy, blank MIDI output--Meaning, you put the notation in the way you need so your score looks right, and even though that data is trying to play an instrument, there isn't one actually connected to it, so--no sound.

    Then, in order for you to hear your piece as well as make your tidy notation score--have a MIDI track which really Is playing the Tympani, and you've recorded a nice roll, but this track's visual display is turned off, is invisible in the score. You see? I thought perhaps that was possible.

    What does a Tympani roll look like in MIDI?--Well, in a Piano Roll View it looks like a very dense row of notes, unevenly spaced--something that would Not be the simple roll notation you would want to have translated into your staff page.


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    Re: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    I don't understand a word of it. I simply want a timpani roll. As far as I know a timpani roll is notated as a note with some re-iteration/tremolo tilted lines. This can be translated into MIDi as a sequence of very small notes, but that isn't necessary( it depends on wether I want this or not). Suppose I have a whole note in a 4/4/ bar, tempo 60 (so it takes a while to die out) and I want that note to be a roll........ etc.

    Don't bother this furthermore. In the long run after the "work in progress" I will do some experimenting. Thanks anyway.


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    Re: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    I am sorry I wasn't of more help, Raymond. I certainly didn't intend to add to your frustration.

    Best of luck on your endeavors.


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    Re: Timpani Keyswitched - help!

    Frustration.........!!!!!! My whole life is one frustration
    Just kidding....

    Raymond - "Roll over Beethoven"

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