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Topic: Constant piano - help please

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    Constant piano - help please

    Whenever I open GPO and select an instrument, although I will get that instrument (or set), I also have a piano and I can't figure out either how this has happened or how to lose the piano! Clearing all instruments and starting again is no help as whetever I chose I still have a piano.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Constant piano - help please

    Try it as a standalone (not as a dxi/vst inside a sequencer) and make sure you have no external midi stuff connected. Use the on-screen keyboard and see what happens.


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    Re: Constant piano - help please

    This happens when I use it as a standalone utilising the on-screen keyboard and with nothing else attached i.e. no midi keyboard. It is rather exasperating and, being new to this, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.

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    Re: Constant piano - help please

    Not being sure what caused this, but have you seen that SETUP button in the Kontakt player and set the routing?


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    Re: Constant piano - help please

    Yes, I have looked in the setup / routing tab and I have the first 4 lines all reading the same thing i.e. my sound card software. The remainder of the lines are empty. I don't have the same piano problem if I use GPO as a VST plug-in, it seems only to be when I use it standalone (which I would like to do from time to time).

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    Re: Constant piano - help please

    When using a midi keyboard for sequencer data input many years ago, I had a similar problem with a constant piano sound (the default, or lowest numbered, patch) underlying all other sounds. It was necessary to tell the keyboard "local control off" -- is there a similar setting that you can toggle?
    MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.4; full GPO, JABB, C&MB; Cubase SL3.1.1.944; Finale 2007c; KP2.

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