I recently bought HALion Symphonic Orchestra and like it quite a bit. However, those wonderful goofy guys at Steinberg have yet to port the library over to universal binary for us Intel Mac fellows. I'm told it will be 2nd quarter of this year. My wish is to use my PC as a slave to my iMac running DP5.
Question is, how do I do this with the least amount of hassle and latency? I thought of simply running a midi out from my Korg K61P to the midi/usb into the PC running HALion SO in stand alone. But I'm not sure what kind of latency issues I might encounter.
The other idea is to work off of Parallels. Can I do a virtual computer routing between OS X and XP on my iMac? Would I have any issues with streaming (although I would probably use two separate Lacie Firewire 7200 rpm drives).
input would be greatly appreciated!