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Topic: Sorry!

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    Apologies for bringing this to the GPO forum because it really belongs over with Make Music. Unfortunately, things just end up as a slanging match over there. The only sensible comments seem to come from those who also contribute to this forum. So, forgive me - but can anyone here make any sense of what's going on with Finale 2007b? My crash rate is something like once every 2 -3 mins. If I'm not using JABB or the Strad, should I go back to the original F2007 and forget the updates - or does anyone know of a remedy?

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Sorry!

    I uninstalled Finale 2007b. Then I opened the programs files and renamed Finale 2007 to Finale 2007[a] and renamed Finale GPO 2.0 to Finale GPO 2.0[a]. Then I dragged them from the program file folder to my desk top. Next reinstall the initial Finale 2007 without the updates. Replace the GPO VST files back into the Finale 2007 VST just as you hand them before. You should be able to work without the crashes. If you use JABB and the GPO Strad this will not work. According the etlux the JABB it think will work but not the Strad.

    If you do not rename the folders I suggested and remove them from the program folder this will still work, but this eliminates the possibility of you opening the wrong Finale folder in the future. You will no longer need them with the reinstall because they will be there, but without the currupted files that occurr when you apply the updates.

    I worked for 18 plus hours without a hint of a crash until I (for experimental purposes) reinstalled the 2007a update. I have now gone back to initial 2007 installation and worked for four plus hours without a crash.

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    Re: Sorry!

    I have recently upgraded from Finale 2002 to Finale 2007, but have been primarily sequencing older files in Sonar 6 so far. Personally, I have decided to avoid getting either of the Finale updates until the current confusion is sorted out. At present I am not using either JABB or the Strad, so that is not an issue. If you are in a position to be able to get by without JABB or the Strad in your work (at least for a time), it would seem to be a good idea to cosider rolling back to the initial 2007 release.


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    Re: Sorry!

    Thanks GS and nolder12, I'll take your advice and roll back.

    Regards, Graham

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    Re: Sorry!

    You had better be!

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    Re: Sorry!

    Quote Originally Posted by Styxx
    You had better be!
    It feels great to be rolled back! I've gone back to the original F2007, moved a few dlls around and YIPPIE - no crashes for 10 minutes! I think I'm back in action again! Now, where was I before all this nonesense started......?

    Thanks to all, Graham

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    Angry Re: Sorry!

    I'm Not Alone!
    Sorry you are having a problem with the new update - me too! I made the mistake of not saving as I went - I was making such good headway....well I was till it crashed taking all of it with it. Saddly, I can not remember exactly what I had written.

    I guess I should uninstall this update too. I can not afford another crash like this one.

    I'm glad I'm not alone - misery loves company!

    We are the makers of music and the dreamers of dreams.

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    Re: Sorry!

    Hmm, as much as they bugged me to update, I never did. Although there's no point in me doing so now, I'm glad I didn't.
    Nice to hear your up and running. Here's wishing you no other problems.

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    Re: Sorry!

    Quote Originally Posted by noldar12
    If you are in a position to be able to get by without JABB or the Strad in your work (at least for a time), it would seem to be a good idea to cosider rolling back to the initial 2007 release.

    Jim, this is my experience as well. If you are not using JABB or
    STRAD, the initial release of 2007 is fairly stable. Not great,
    but you can work with it.

    One of the main issues with the initial release was, if you used a
    JABB instrument anywhere but slot one, it corrupted your MUS
    file when you saved it. I went 'round with MakeMusic on that
    for months.

    That was corrected in 2007a. However, 2007a crashed, in my
    experience, about once every 3-4 minutes.

    2007b added STRAD support (according to MakeMusic). Alas,
    2007b also crashes every 3-4 minutes for me, as well.

    You might suspect I'm not at all pleased about this. I've been
    sitting here dead in the water since August -- over five
    -- with a 100-page orchestral score with JABB and
    GPO. I cannot finish it because the MakeMusic Finale 2007
    "product" has been fatally and catastrophically flawed from
    the day it was issued.


    Those having these problems, please, may I ask that you
    make your voices heard loud and clear in the MakeMusic
    forum, here: http://forum.makemusic.com/default.aspx?f=5

    My best,


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    Re: Sorry!


    I am truly sorry for the pain/frustration/worsk stoppage you are experiencing.
    I left Finale several years ago for Sibelius because of the lack of response you describe. No, this is not a "You should switch" or any sort of "I told you so". Just a small shoulder for you to cry on, cyber-wise. I hope they get this one fixed, and fixed soon. You can't build something without tools, and when the toolbox goes awry every few minutes...well, that's a lot of hurt.

    Good luck, and hope to see you up and and running - and posting - soon.

    All the best.
    Ron Pearl





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