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Topic: Multiple instances of Strad 2.0?

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    Multiple instances of Strad 2.0?

    Got my copy of Stradivari 2.0 last week and things went well until I tried to add a 2nd instance of the Strad to the Kontakt plug-in in DP 5.11. The instruments tried to play but the audio was all chopped up, little digital pops could be heard, etc. I had the 2 instances set to different MIDI in channels.

    There's nothing in the manual about running multiple strads, either within Kontakt 2 (which allows up to 64 instruments, right?) or as individual instances of Kontakt 2 w/ 1 strad each.

    So, should I only have one Strad in a session? I hope not, because I was planning to use it for string quartet arrangements...

    Can anyone verify that THEY can run 2 instances? That would at least help me troubleshoot on my end...

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    Re: Multiple instances of Strad 2.0?

    I use Kontakt 2 in Sonar 5, and can run multiple instances without problem. I am currently working on a piece that uses two instances of the strad along with two instances of the gofriller cello all in one instance of Kontakt. It runs this fine, along with the GPO steinway and two instances of the solo viola at minimal latency.
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