Hey guys. I just wanted to share a little article/interview that was written and distributed in the "Park City Digital Report" throughout Sundance this month. The PC Digital Report is published by Videography Magazine and HD House. 40,000 copies of the Digital Report are distributed throughout Park City and Salt Lake City every year.

The article "9/tenths - Behind The Music", on page 2 of issue two, was on me and my score for the film 9/Tenths. A web version of the article can be read here.


Though, obviously not in depth (due to space) as the type of technical articles one would find in other music focused publications like Virtual Instruments Magazine, etc...it is rare for a Magazine focused on producers, cinematographers, and editors to print an article looking into what we do as composers in post and the tools we use. Maybe articles like this can further help us composers in getting the production folks to understand a little more about what we do and how we do it. Along with my plug in there to use live musicians whenever possible.

I was very pleased how the article came out.

I will post a jpg image of the actual print article on my website as soon as I can. It was pretty cool as the article took up most of one whole page...with an image still from the movie, etc...

While walking around and meeting festival attendees on the street in Park City...I was surprised to find that quite a few had heard of the movie 9/Tenths and subsequently me as a result of this article at the festival. Many came to our screenings because of the article. It was a very cool experience.