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Topic: Hello everyone i'm a new member

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    Smile String Trio

    Hello everyone......i'm new here and i've allready heard a lot of beautiful compositions made by talented people in this forum....just to present my self i'll post a String Trio i've written a couple of years ago with no harmony or counterpoint knowledge so there might be quite a lot of harmonic errors in it but i hope you will enjoy it anyway...oh by the way, i've recorded this without GPO but with my Korg Triton that i sold a month ago....now i'm buying a lot of VSTi's and i can't wait to buy the Stradivari Violin and the Gofriller Cello, so i'll record this piece again and i'm sure the level of realism and beauty will be very much enhanced....as soon as i'll record it again i'll post the new version....well as i said, i hope you enjoy it....thankyou for taking the time to listen.......http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?PID=935219&T=1235

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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    In the style of Johann himself, cool stuff.

    Welcome to the forum, and I share your excitement about this new technology surrounding us here.

    It will be great to hear this rendered later with the new Garritan solo stringed instruments.


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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    Hello J.S.

    Welcome to the forum. It's not everyday that I get to meet a famous person firsthand. And of course he brings a new work with him. A very nice one too!! You will be surprised now nice it will sound with the Strad and Gofriller!



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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    I'm very happy you have enjoyed it and i perfectly agree that i will be amazed to hear how much better it will sound with the Stradivari and the Gofriller....it's incredible how my old Korg Triton really sounds OLD compared to these instruments.....this new technology is just amazing...i've heard the stradivari demos and i think that even an exeperienced musician could hardly tell the difference from the real thing if you don't tell him it's a sampled instrument.....(and maybe even if you do tell him).....


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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    Hi Lorenzo,
    A very nice introduction ... thank you for sharing it. Very enjoyable piece and reminiscent of Bach. I don't hear any major harmonic problems off hand that you mentioned. I think this work will shine even more with the Strad and/or GPO. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    It sounds like good music. Don't forget at least a touch of reverb also.


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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    Good morning Johann Sebastian Lorenzo Bach....... nice music and welcome to this forum. I hope you will post more of your work here. This is done without GPO, Strad? The better. And now for the real thing WITH the Strad...... I can't wait.


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    Re: Hello everyone i'm a new member

    Lorenzo, a very warm welcome to the forum!

    A fine introduction of yourself with this piece,
    too -- well done.

    Keep it coming, Lorenzo!

    All my best,


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