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Topic: nVidia CUDA & ATI Stream Computing - "the Next Wave"?

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    Lightbulb nVidia CUDA & ATI Stream Computing - "the Next Wave"?

    I'm sure that some of you remember the buzz that was generated when the "bionicFX" web site hit the web a few years back. It expounded upon the virtues of using the GPU of an off-the-shelf nVidia-based video card to perform audio DSP - at least initially to create intances of reverb that run independently of the CPU. If you were like me, you were both excited about the prospects - as well as disheartened that it never made it to market.

    While that seems to have gone "by the boards", video chipset manufacturers have been forging ahead with generalized development platforms for scientific and commercial purposes. ATI has "Stream Computing" and nVidia has "CUDA" - both of which seem to be pointing in the same direction as bionicFX. I'd love to see plugin developers pick up this technology - but I wonder if it's really mature enough for this kind of specialized use. I thought it would be something worth discussing here - since there seemed to be quite a few threads about bionicFX back before it competely vaporized.

    Has anyone seen anything about these technologies as it applies to audio/DSP? It would be great to see developers take this on as a new avenue to bring more audio horsepower to the desktop (and laptop).
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    Re: nVidia CUDA & ATI Stream Computing - "the Next Wave"?

    If you missed it, i post about a guy developing plugins that actually works, i tested several, in the KVRaudio forums. The link is in this old post here
    But it dont use the new technologies you mentioned, i believe.
    Marcelo Colina

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