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Topic: Looking into an RME card.. advice? :)

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    Looking into an RME card.. advice? :)

    hey guys

    right now i'm using an Echo Layla but it's gone faulty so I have to replace it. I've heard great things about RME, so I'm looking for the right solution; only i'm a bit lost. First of all, my Firewire slot is taken :/ so if it's a firewire solution, you'll have to tell me what PCI card you recommend. I'd like to stay with PCI if possible. Here's what I use it for;

    1x Midi In / Midi Out
    Microphone Preamp, Guitar In (dont use any external hardware other than those)
    Headphone jack
    Maximum Efficiency / Stability

    The Multiface from RME always looked like it fitted the bill except it has no preamps... and the 96 / 32 looks great but I wouldn't know what PREAMP to get to compliment it; i've heard focusrite make good ones, can anyone recommend something that will surpass my previous Echo Layla?


    Does the 96/32 from RME work with samplerates of upto 192... i.e. can i open those in Wavelab6? Just looking for some future support :-)

    Got to make a decision by tomorrow! thanks for reading. appreciate all your advice.

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    Re: Looking into an RME card.. advice? :)

    Hi David!

    I'm currently a happy user of a EMU 1820m. It has Pro Tools HD converters, and pristine sound quality. I was lookin for a portable audio interface, and my options were: a Motu 828 mk II, a RME Fireface 400 and a TC Electronic Konnekt 24. I haven't tried them, but have readed some forum threads, and I have finally decieded in favor of the TC Konnekt.

    Sorry if I haven't answered your questions, I only think you would like to check it out. Look here: http://acapella.harmony-central.com/....php?t=1437808
    (It's a 39 page thread)

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    Re: Looking into an RME card.. advice? :)

    Echo has repaired and replaced a few cards for me for free.
    Even 2 of them that were bought on eBay and had defects, me not being the original owner.

    Call them!

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