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Topic: Dear Sonivox

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    Dear Sonivox

    Dear Sonivox,

    I seem to be unable to get your attention, both via the e-mail form on your homepage and via direct mail to Peter Drawbridge, so therefore I now write a public letter, hoping you will read this and react on it.

    Last week I bought your $3,000 Symphonic Collection, but one of the brass DVDs has errors on it, it is the one with the trumpets on it.

    Would you be so kind as to send me a replacement DVD, please?

    Also I cannot register on your homepage, it says the number I use is wrong.
    However the number I use was supplied with the installation instruction paper that came with Symphonic Collection.

    Will you look into this as well?

    Thank you so much for your attention!

    Best regards,
    Henrik Jensen

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    Re: Dear Sonivox

    Hi Henrik,

    I will send you out a new Brass disc to replace the one that has errors on it this afternoon. I'll be in contact with you regarding the registration issue. Thanks for your patience on this!


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    Re: Dear Sonivox

    Thanks a lot Peter, also for making such a brilliant product, I enjoy using it very much.

    I look forward to receiving the replacement DVD and to have the registration issue resolved.

    Best regards,

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