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Topic: Help!! Legato problems with English Horn

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    Help!! Legato problems with English Horn


    I am having terrible trouble trying to get an english horn solo line to sound legato. I set the sustain / sostenuto pedal mode to the second one, and have played about with the polyphony control, all to no avail. There is a marking in the event list (I'm using Sonar) to put pedal on, but not much seems to happen. If the polyphony is set to 1, I get the right sound, but no legato - especially on note changes of more than a semitone. If it is set any higher, it sounds like the instrument is being overblown with harmonics sounding an octave higher, and the instrument sounding corse and really nasty. But it plays legato.
    Am I doing something obviously wrong, or is my computer going crazy? I'm aware similar questions are in the archive, but couldn't find one relating to my problem.


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    Re: Help!! Legato problems with English Horn

    Hi Lloyd,
    Are you using Finale or other program?
    There are several choices for Eng Horn. See if one of them works. Some results may be due to range. Low notes
    on oboes, Eng horns, and saxes respond differentlly than
    notes in the mid-level.
    Stating the obvious, are slurs or other markings being
    Sometimes playback is no† predictable. Writing or not writing slurs aren't reflected. Perhaps making a legato setting could
    work or a similar term...

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    Re: Help!! Legato problems with English Horn

    I'm sure it's the same for all wind instruments. Tonguing and slurring are controlled by the foot pedal (cc64 midi controller). No foot pedal (cc64 at 0) is the setting for tongued notes. Push the foot pedal down (cc64 at 127) is the setting for slurred notes. This all assumes you have the polyphony set to 1 (or else you get the effect you described [harmonics or multiple notes sounding]). In a sequencer, you can draw these settings in instead of manually playing a foot pedal (especially for the keyboard challenged folks like me ). In finale or other notational program you can design your own expression marking or re-define one of the notation programs expressions, i.e. ped (keyboard marking for pedal down) to include a cc64 setting of either 0 or 127 [off or on respectively]).

    I hope this helps.
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