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Topic: Ivory 1.6 Help

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    Exclamation Ivory 1.6 Help


    I recently purchased Ivory 1.5. -- Absolutley amazing sound! :-)

    The problem is this..
    1.) I don't like the way my M-Audio Keystation 88 pro responds (I'm a pianist..and I don't care for the action/feel/etc. for piano samples). This problem, I think, is solvable..I'm looking at getting either a Yamaha S90 or one of the new CP300's.

    so...here's my real dilema..

    2.) I installed the entire library and the sounds themselves were AWESOME! (even though I didn't care for the action/vel. curves.)...but, when I downloaded and installed the 1.6 upgrade...it seemed as though all my pianos (concert D, C7, Bose) kinda ounded all the same...the samples weren'rt as impressive..
    this was the case in both the stadalone version as well as in my VST host (Cubase SX).

    So.... I deleted all the files..and reinstalled only the Steinway VST ...still sounds the same...and then the upgrade.

    Don't get me wrong... Ivory still sounds great! :-) But now it sounds like a great piano sample instread of the great "real" piano it did before.

    Any thoughts?


    Cubase SX, SB Audigy Platinum sound card.

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    Re: Ivory 1.6 Help


    Have you resolved, your mysterious Ivory behaviour?



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    Re: Ivory 1.6 Help

    Not yet.

    I'm wondering if it's something with my soundcard and/or soundcard drivers.

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    Re: Ivory 1.6 Help

    That is very strange. I would also like to know if you figured this out. did you try contacting the maker to find out what they have to say? Sounds like if you went back to 1.5 and it still sounds bad, that somehow you messed up something related to your system in general...not specifically Ivory...
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    Re: Ivory 1.6 Help

    I will let you know what I find out... stay tuned. :-)

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