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Topic: Bloedel documentary music

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    Bloedel documentary music


    This is my first post at this forum, although I have been listening for quite a while to the compositions by members, ever since I purchased GPO so I could experiment with composition. There are always so many cool ideas here, it makes me wish I had more knowledge in this field.

    At any rate, I'm starting to use music that I've made in more serious venues for school projects and such, and I thought it would benefit from some criticism. So...

    ...here is the main theme from the credits for a documentary I made on the beautiful Bloedel reserve, here in the sunny Puget Sound area.


    Also, I put some music from the middle of the video about the Japanese garden there. It's pretty repetitive as it's just background music, I put it in to round it out a bit.


    Finally, here is a short piece that I made after I bought the Stradivarius violin.


    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. In a few months, I will be composing music that will probably be part of a public showing, and I want to be ready!

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    Re: Bloedel documentary music

    "Ending" , don't know what it is for, but this was the best of the three.
    I cannot comment on this, it sounded good, fast, dynamically, but was too short.

    "Japanese Garden" sounded good, but when you start that faint flute somewhere at 1.00 minutes lower the volume of the piano. Harp and flute together at somewhat the same level of volume sound better. Why not keeping that piano theme up to the end, when the cellos begin? I would have done that, or make one of the cellos repeat that piano theme.

    "The temple" is in my view oversteered (clipped almost) and doesn't any good to the Strad. I think you edited the wave file of the Strad too much (equalization in the mid freqs?). Or am I completely wrong about this. It sounds like an "alien" instrument. Speed, dynamics and overall harmonies are well done (for my older ears a bit strange, but nevertheless worth listening to it).

    I hope you don't mind some of my remarks, please go on composing (and we aren't THAT good as you mentioned at the beginning of your message). We are just very enthousiastic about the GPO and explore every corner of our potentials and hopefully talent.


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    Re: Bloedel documentary music

    I don't mind at all, of course. I did not detect the difference in the violin with my tin ear, but you are correct about the equalization. I probably won't touch the original violin sound in the future, as 'alien' is certainly not the effect I want!

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    Re: Bloedel documentary music

    A warm welcome to the fray, Nick!

    Some interesting work in this; and I found the
    Japanese Garden clip particularly quite evocative
    and intriguing in its gentle minimalism.

    Personally, I liked the sound of Temple, too;
    I wasn't listening with the expectation of a
    concert violin in this (nor do I think it would
    be quite appropriate to the material).

    Keep it coming, Nick!



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