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Topic: JABB guitar

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    JABB guitar

    Here is a short (very short!) guitar duo, utilizing a combination of the JABB guitar and a 12 string patch from my Roland D-70.. I thought they sounded nice together.

    nothing special.. just a fun doodle.



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    Re: JABB guitar

    That's real nice, Mr. Jeff. They do sound good together. I would like to hear more. Get back to work on it!


    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: JABB guitar

    Thanks for the kind words, Larry

    Very much appreciated!


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    Re: JABB guitar

    An interesting sound combination. I like it. It sounds like a contemporary classical thing.

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    Re: JABB guitar

    Thanks for taking the time to listen, Jay.

    The comments are greatly appreciated.!


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    Re: JABB guitar

    Nice folk work on this... (and you know, I think the
    ticking sticking in the background works). I have
    not had a chance to work with that guitar, yet,
    and you've certainly gotten a great sound out of it.


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    Re: JABB guitar

    Thanks, David!

    You're a true gentleman for taking the time to listen and comment (not only my work but Everyone's!!!)

    hmmm.. I think It's time for another "Hurray for David!" post

    Thanks again, my friend!


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