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Topic: Scherzo with GPO

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    Cool Scherzo with GPO

    I accidentally just posted this in the general discussion forum, so you may already have heard it. It was my very first attempt to use GPO, which I left unfinished back in July last year. This week I found time to resurrect it and write an ending. Any feedback would be appreciated.


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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    Hello Pingu,

    Just one question :

    Are you a fan of Star wars and john williams's music ?


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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    Of course, although I was thinking more of Danny Elfmann when I wrte this piece, hence the rather grotesque orchestrations.

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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    OK, John Williams I can hear a little bit; but Danny Elfman? IMHO I don't so. And "grotesque orchestrations"? Sorry, I am a bit of a Danny Elfman fan and this is no Edward Scissorhands. "smile"
    As for your work; it's very entertaining and filled with vast amounts of wondrous sounds and textures. Great use of instrument ranges and techniques. I quite enjoyed.

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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    It's a very nice piece pingu, I enjoyed it...

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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    I enjoyed it too, very cinematic, and I definately thought "Elfman", at least in spirit. Reminds me of the main theme in "Beetlejuice", what with all the creepy notes falling in pitch and the darting little strings.

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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    IMHO it would be nicer if you use :

    legato for the clarinet trill, for the strings run (23")
    May be if you use var 1 et var 2 for repetitive chord (ex : 36")
    I don't know if i am the only one to think this but the bend at 1'04" et 2'17" sound a little bit to much for me.

    At least it's a nice work.


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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    Thanks Valouz,

    I fully agree - I was trying for more of a legato, but I'm not quite sure how to do it in GPO. I did have the sustain pedal on for the clarinet trills, which I know removes the attacks - but I think it only works on the solo instruments. Adding reverb kind of disguised the problem in the strings, whilst I was listening on Walkman headphones. Now I've burnt it to a CD and heard it over Hi-Fi speakers, though, it really is quite pronounced. Back to the drawing board I think. I'm also not sure how to do variations - I'll have to get the GPO manual out.

    Not sure about the pitch bend. I agree it doesn't actually sound like a glissando, but as to whether the glissando it's supposed to sound like would be too much, I'm undecided.

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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    What an interesting sound. GPO just keeps surprising me with what it can do.
    Very nice job. Thanks for posting.

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    Re: Scherzo with GPO

    I did have the sustain pedal on for the clarinet trills, which I know removes the attacks - but I think it only works on the solo instruments.
    For sure it comes from this, why don't you use solo instrument ?

    About the variation it's cc 22 et 23 on JABB i think it's the same on GPO (i am at job now i can not check)


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