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Topic: DirectX 10 - What Impact?

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    Question DirectX 10 - What Impact?

    Vista and DirectX 10...you have to wonder how this might impact sound (and games). With all this greater realism and multimedia integration (movies, TV), will that encourage more people to invest in surround sound systems (and we finally get more use out of our 5.1 mixing setups)? What do you all think?

    Some images (click on the images) of DirectX 10 at work:
    Doyle W. Donehoo, Composer
    Radar Music

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    Re: DirectX 10 - What Impact?

    It seems DX10 is purely driven towards GFX and physics - though Vista's move towards higher levels of RAM, and the natural progression of larger HDDs and media such as HD-DVD/Blu-Ray is where audio will probably benefit the most. Some of the audio engines on the X360/PS3 look really impressive - the way the PS3 can "duck" sounds under each other dependent on importance is really nifty, for example.

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    Re: DirectX 10 - What Impact?

    It will be interesting to see how audio brings itself to the next level, and even if Dx10 doesn't have a direct involvement, it will be a reagent.

    Nice link D,
    Sean Beeson
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    Re: DirectX 10 - What Impact?

    Hmm... take a look at this IGN article on Vista - http://au.pc.ign.com/articles/759/759538p1.html

    Basically to summarize, it's essentially saying that Microsoft was frustrated at soundcards crashing XP, so they rewrote the audio stack from scratch, this time completely in software. The result is that it won't recognize extended hardware features of currently-existing sound cards, such as EAX. On the second page of the article they discuss OpenAL as a potential solution, and some other possible advantages of the new system.

    Still, personally, I'm a bit disappointed with Microsoft's mindset in all this. I'm pretty sure the OAL workaround will work out, but it's kinda messed up that it's a situation that 3rd party developers had to clean up. MS has a clear bias towards graphical enhancements, which is understandable financially but seems to be getting them into more practical troubles than it's worth.

    And for what it's worth, sure, I've had my sound card bluescreen me a few times in XP. But if the graphics card screws up, the system won't even boot. Just some food for thought
    Wilbert Roget, II

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