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Topic: Setting up SATB with choirs - problem...PLEASE hep!!!!

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    Setting up SATB with choirs - problem...PLEASE hep!!!!

    Sorry to have to post again - but unless I'm being really stupid, I can't see a way how to do this.

    Using sonar, I have 6 midi tracks which need choirs to sing words on - although two of them have only 1 word per track. The reason being that the text at the point where the extra track is needed moves at a different speed ie. singing the word over 5 notes instead of 3 (hope that makes sense).

    I can load 3 instances of Kontakt as a plugin in sonar (I need to use the Kontakt multis due to range limitations otherwise), any more and the system crashes, presumably due to lack of RAM (1.5GB).
    I guess each track needs it's own Kontakt assigned to it so that the mod wheel works properly - so that it only changes the volume of one part if, for instance the sopranos crescendo whilst the altos diminuendo. This setup would need an instance of Kontakt for sops and other one for alts. Correct?

    Is there a way around having to use 6 instances of Kontakt as plugins in sonar - which my system can't do anyway? I know I can go through each part at a time but this is no good for balancing the tracks for the final mix. If there is a way, can you explain it slowly for me - I am a total newbie to Kontakt and haven't totally got to grips with it yet.

    I hope this isn't going over old ground too much - Sam at EW said something about using seperate virtual ports in Kontakt, but how do I load 20 instruments when midi only allows for 16?

    Any help would be very greatly appreciated!


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    Re: Setting up SATB with choirs - problem...PLEASE hep!!!!

    no one??!!! I've still not solved this!

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    Re: Setting up SATB with choirs - problem...PLEASE hep!!!!

    I'm not quite sure I understand why you'd need to involve virtual ports for this; it sounds like all you need is to assign each MIDI track to a different channel. What patches are you loading? And are you using wordbuilder?
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: Setting up SATB with choirs - problem...PLEASE hep!!!!

    1) If you have Sonar 4(+), work small, freeze, work small freeze the next track(s), and so on. Make sure you uncheck "~hide midi data when freezing" so that whenever you want to move the frozen data around, you can move the midi in the same stroke. You can do this in 3, but you have to bounce instead of freezing which is a pain.

    2) What kind of RAM do you have, and what does your Motherboard support (type, size, and how much simultaneous unregistered, unless you have a lot of money spend on registered, buffered memory)? For intance, my old A-bit KR7A-RAID motherboard has 3 unregistered 1-GB PC3200 DIMMS running at PC2600, for a total of 3GB, so that 2 GB are available to SONAR 5 and 1 GB is left for windows and other applications. I got those 3 matching model 1-GB DIMMS in early 2005 for $270 to replace the 2 .5-GB DIMMS I had since upgrading from one of them in 2004. I built the computer in early 2002. I made a point of getting a motherboard that could a support a maximum of 3GB unregistered RAM. If you can get 3 or 4 same model 1GB DDR1 DIMMS for your computer that are fairly cheap (~$70-80 each or so) at once that matches your motherboard's required configuration via the memory search tools at major brand memory websites (you will want to get the memory cheaper from some online seller you trust, but the search tools will help you to find out how much memory your motherboard can support, assure that your the board will work with the size memory chips that are on the DIMMS, and they may also tell you whether it supports dual-channel memory accessing). Wow, was that long enough? If you have a DDR2 motherboard that supports PC2 5300, I've seen 1GB modules of that for $70-80, as well. PC2 6400 starts at $100 (I don't think it's worth it, just yet).

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