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Topic: Editing harp midi packets

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    Editing harp midi packets

    I use Sonar and need a C# -harmonic- minor scale gliss.

    I see really complete packets for DP on this forum. Is there a chart somewhere that tells me which controllers stand for which strings so I can edit a packet to my liking? Reality notwithstanding

    Thanks all

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    Re: Editing harp midi packets

    To the best of my knowledge, those midi harp packets should work in any DAW. They are midi files that re-map the white "strummed" notes to the GPO Kontakt player. Find the chord you want, and drag that file in front of the harp gliss in the harp gliss midi track.

    A better idea is to place this midi packet slightly ahead of the gliss in a separate midi track assigned to the same midi channel as the glissando harp.


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    Re: Editing harp midi packets

    I know it's not rocket science but wish this could have been in the manual like all the other cc stuff. In case anyone else approaches the problem like me:

    If this is a C major scale (CC-data)

    2 - 32
    16 - 32
    17 - 32

    18 - 32
    12 - 32
    19 - 32
    13 - 32

    and this is a C# major scale

    2 - 64
    16 - 0
    17 - 64

    18 - 32
    12 - 64
    19 - 0
    13 - 96

    The 0-32-64 positions correspond to the harp pedals, thank goodness.

    That last controller 13's 4th position, 96, can take care of the enharmonic problem, four possible pitches for that set of strings.

    I don't know why the controller numbers are in such a weird order. But there it is. Anyone care to expand?

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    Re: Editing harp midi packets

    Interesting--I used the Harp Packets once, and they got the job done, but I still much prefer recording gliss from scratch. It could be lack of much experience using the packets, but from scratch is much more precise for me.

    Back of forefinger across keys in a key appropriate for the need--transpose to sharp or flat if needed, then in Piano View, shifting the incorrect notes. Fairly fast process which gets one exactly what's needed.


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