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Topic: Supreme Beats and BPMs

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    Supreme Beats and BPMs


    perharps someone use this sample cd. At the studio I fall in love with the sounds, but I have problems about BPM. I exported them into wave and try to loop them in Logic Pro, but the looping wasn't perfect. Somehow the BPM of the loops are not perfect.

    Did I miss something? Do anyone else have same experience?


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    Re: Supreme Beats and BPMs

    I don't know supreme beats at all, so it's a wild guess really.

    If the original files were on mp3, then mp3 adds a little something at the end (or begining) of the file, so it won't be looping perfectly! I'm saying this because you mention "...exported them into wave...".

    Anyways, during the exporting it must have added a little something. You will probably need to zoom in big time and chop off the excessive length...

    Again, don't know suprmee beats, so it is a wild guess!

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