I have been unable to get Finale 2007 to recognize JABB, and any of the 'lite' voices. I tried a test setup using the setup wizard, and it only found the 'brush set'. Hmmmm.... This morning I took another approach to my dilemma and, using Windows Explorer, found that in the Garritan Jazz Big Band folder, where JABB was installed, that in the Garritan Jazz Big Band Library-Instruments-01 Saxes and Woodwinds-Saxophones there were NO lite voices listed! So where are they? I can 'install' them using setup wizard in Finale, but if Finale is looking for them in the Garritan Jazz Big Band Library, they're not there! Is this the source of my problem, and what files do I need to copy, and to where? I've tried the other cut and paste suggestions in the forum without success.

Thanks everyone!