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Topic: Sampled Voices + GPO

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    Question Sampled Voices + GPO

    Has anybody got some suggestions, please? I want to create virtual performances of works with Chorus & Orchestra. I Use a mac plus Finale to write the scores then employ the Human Playback facility with GPO. What vocal sounds could I integrate with this? or is Gary thinking about creating a library of chorus sounds for us?

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    Re: Sampled Voices + GPO

    You could try Bela D Media's vocal libraries.

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    Re: Sampled Voices + GPO

    Where you looking for solo voices? or a large ensemble choir? or perhaps a childrens choir? I Bela D has a very good childrens choir, Giovani, and Diva is still a good option for a solo female vocalist. They're working on more solo voices along with a full adult choir too, I'm sure both we be great products. East West has very good choir library, I think it's the best one currently on the market. There are some others too, Miroslav and MOTU Symphonic both have choir patches that come with their package, and I still really like Spectrasonic's SOV, but you'll need a seperate sampler for this one (and for the Bela D stuff).

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    Talking Re: Sampled Voices + GPO

    Thank you! I am very impressed by the speed of your replies. I shall investigate your suggestions immediately.
    Do you know whether I would be able to load them into NI to play at the same time as GPO instruments? Or would I have to mix them in seperately?

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    Re: Sampled Voices + GPO

    Hi rosflute and welcome!

    Pretty much every Vocal utility on the market right now requires a program that will load VSTs. Your options are things like Logic, Cubase, and Digital Performer. Finale is approaching this but is not quite there yet. Fin2007 I believe has the capability to load only NI-player powered stuff, and not Kontakt files outright, unless you already have K2 (a good investment). This kinda limits you to Symphonic Choirs, I believe. Here is the list of compatible products.

    In terms of simultaneous playback or mixing audio, you can do either. As a word of caution, I've heard that EWQL choirs are THE most system-intensive thing on the market and won't play nicely with other plugins running at the same time.

    What exactly do you mean by loading them into NI? GPO comes with a Kontakt Player for exclusive use with GPO samples (EWQL and MOTU stuff similarly have their own players.) You will need to use an instance of each. If you want to use Spectrasonics or Bela D stuff you will need Kontakt 2 or another "full-sized" sampler. (Within K2 you have the option of loading everything simultaenously in one instance, however, because the libraries (except MOTU) are conveniently all encoded in NI formats).
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    Smile Re: Sampled Voices + GPO

    Hi Reegs!
    Thank you for your full and informative reply - I've had a look at the suggestions.
    I'm sorry that I wrote the question in a confusing way: I was trying to sound as though I knew what I was talking about when, in reality, I don't !
    I write music into Finale then use Human Playback with a combination of instruments from the bundled GPO and full GPO to create virtual performances. As the writing of the score is my main area of expertise and ability, I am looking for a straight-forward way of integrating voices into this instrumental mix to create a virtual performance of a big choir/orchestra piece.

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