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Topic: sync issue with Finale, GPO, Triton

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    Exclamation sync issue with Finale, GPO, Triton

    HI everyone - first post here. I'll try to explain my problem as clearly as possible.

    I am writing a quintet for my 4th year composition course, consisting of Flute, Harp, Classical Guitar, Piano, and Double Bass. I was trying to do the engraving entirely with Finale and have playback for my professor through Garritan Personal Orchestra, but I realized there is no classical guitar patch in GPO (oddly enough!). I thought I had the perfect workaround, as I am using a multi-channel MIDI interface (the MIDISPORT 4x4), so I just left the slot on GPO meant for the guitar empty and sent that channel out to my Korg Triton, which has an excellent Classical Guitar preset.

    A little ways into the composition, I realized that the sync is off, seemingly because there is a delay in when Finale's notes pass by on the cursor, and when GPO receives the note commands and sounds the instruments. However the sync to my Triton is 100% tight and so the classical guitar notes sound well before those of the other instruments.

    This is a really frustrating problem because I was otherwise delighted that I had found a good workaround for Garritan not having a guitar patch.

    Does anyone know any way I can solve this problem? I tried numerous things to solve the problem, and I have a great audio card (the Echo Darla 24/96), so I'm not sure where the problem is. I tried adjusting the buffers, switching my Echo to PureWave instead of WDM to bypass the Windows kernel, but nothing seems to work.

    I've poked around in this forum already looking for other threads about similar sync problems and noticed that everyone seems to suggest rendering the GPO tracks to audio files - but wouldn't that be annoying to have to do DURING the composition of the work, every time you wanted to hear everything together?

    There MUST be a way to get GPO tighter to Finale's Song Position Pointer, I'm sure of it! Otherwise I would consider this a MAJOR flaw in the VST/software and perhaps consider demanding a refund so I could upgrade to something like Vienna Symphonic that *surely* must be able to stay tight, for the price that is!

    I have been a die hard hardware user for years, so I am not used to dealing with MIDI latency on softwares - is everyone just adapting and making workarounds instead of demanding that softwares have as tight a sync as any decent piece of hardware would? If that's the case it has reinforced my belief in sticking with hardware... but I can't help but use *some* software nowadays considering how much of the market has moved over to software...

    Anyways, I would be GREATLY indebted to anyone who could provide a working solution instead of a workaround... but if someone can at least confirm that a workaround IS indeed the only possible solution, I will be nonetheless very grateful for the clarification.


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    Re: sync issue with Finale, GPO, Triton

    PS I am using Finale 2006c, Kontakt Player, Library 1.0, and GPO v1.11

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    Re: sync issue with Finale, GPO, Triton

    Are you using Human Playback? If you set it to "none" does Finale sync up?

    If you must use Human Playback, look at its preferences (in the Playback window). User MIDI data > tempo > No HP effect. Does that fix the sync?

    MacBook Pro, OS X 10.5.4; full GPO, JABB, C&MB; Cubase SL3.1.1.944; Finale 2007c; KP2.

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    Re: sync issue with Finale, GPO, Triton

    Read the PDF, GPOHP Tutorial Supplement. It was part of the 2007a update. Find it in your Finale 2007/user manual folder. It will explain the many choices available with GPO playback. Under HP preferences>Tempo, there is a box to check "use exact timing" (or something like that). See if checking that makes a difference.

    You didn't mention any of your computer specs, that could have a lot to do with latency problems. I doubt if VSL would solve your problem.


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