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Topic: Ensemble Music

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    Ensemble Music

    Hi everyone, this is an ensemble piece i've written two years ago....i used GOS for the pizz section only......the other sounds are from my GigaStudio bundle sounds......hope you enjoy it
    Feedback is much appreciated...... thankyou for taking the time to listen..

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    Re: Ensemble Music

    Hi Lorenzo,

    Very nice composition and production using the GOS library. I like the theme and the ensuing counterpoint the follows it.



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    Re: Ensemble Music

    Hi Gary, thankyou , i'm happy you have enjoyed it

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    Re: Ensemble Music

    Hi Stephen, i'm glad you said that because when i wrote this piece i was infact thinking of a composition that could have been appropriate for a movie aswell...

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    Re: Ensemble Music

    Very nice work on this, Lorenzo! A pleasure to hear.
    Strong writing in this, and fine use of line and dialogue.

    But... this is two years old? Get back to work! This
    is good material, we want to hear more from you!


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    Re: Ensemble Music

    Hi David, i'm very happy you have enjoyed it and it's important for me that people that have your experience in music enjoy my music.....whenever i'll finish writing a piece, i'll post it in this forum which i consider a great place to hear fresh, new and beautiful music, to know talented composers and to get precious feedback....

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