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Topic: Cannot find the "Load" button

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    Cannot find the "Load" button


    I am new to KontaktPlayer / GPO. I tried to follow the tutorial and the UI is differnet between mine and those in the tutorial.

    To be specific, I cannot find the "Load" button that appears on the tutorial that came with my product, or posted here. I am using Finale 2007b and updated the KontaktPlayer 2 to (latest).

    Please help.



    OS X 10.4.8 iMac 2.16GHz, 2GB RAM

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    Re: Cannot find the "Load" button

    The tutorial refers to the old Kontakt Player 1. In KP2 look for the Load/Save button at the top, to the right of the Kontakt Player 2 logo.
    Or 1) click the "Instruments" button on one of the available libraries and a) double click on the files, b) alternatively drag them to the right side pane, or 2) click the arrow to the right of "Instruments". This opens a drop-down box with all the instruments of that library.

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