If any of the forum regulars (or irregulars) are successfully running Finale 2007 with JABB on a PC, would you mind telling me what your settings (VST?) are in your Finale 20007 folder and your Garritan Jazz Big Band folder. I added the patch 'fix' suggested in this forum, but still no joy. I use the setup wizard and it list the 'lite' versions of the voices, but when it comes to playback the voices don't appear in the Kontakt player except voices that for 'brush drum kit'. I'm pretty sure it's a setting or a missing (misplaced) file issue, but I'm wasting 'way too much time trying to locate the correct settings to make it work. I've had JABB for a month and a half and haven't heard them in any of my arrangements yet.

Can anyone offer some help? Please?

Thanks a lot.