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Topic: Sonar 6 and GVI - Startup problems

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    Sonar 6 and GVI - Startup problems

    I just installed GVI with Sonar 6, hoping that some of my stability issues with Giga 3 and Rewire will be solved. I’m having some issues, though. I have some workarounds… but I’d still like to try and figure out what’s going on and solve it if possible!

    If I load in GVI after Sonar starts up, I don’t seem to have any troubles at all. Also, if I load up a project that uses GVI (including templates), things seem to work OK. However, if I let Sonar try to load a “normal.cwt” template file on startup that uses GVI, it crashes. I can load that same template file fine if I let Sonar boot without loading the template automatically, though!

    Any ideas on why auto-loading the template containing GVI hangs the system, while another doesn’t?

    And, finally, if I simply can’t auto-load the template file for whatever reason, are there any Sonar users who can tell me how to get back the dialog box that asks me what I want to do at startup (Create new project, open existing project, etc.)? I have always turned it off because I wanted to load the normal template, and now I can’t track it down again

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    Re: Sonar 6 and GVI - Startup problems


    I also tried what I thought was the great idea of loading GVI (and Dimension Pro and a few others) in my normal template, with some pianos and drums loaded in. For me, this caused SONAR to hang (but not crash).

    Try holding down SHIFT while you start SONAR. This will prompt you whether you want to load plug-ins, etc. When you get a clean new file, you can save it as normal.cwt.

    If that fails, you can copy normal.cwt off the installation CD, or re-install SONAR.

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