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Topic: New Screaming Trumpet demo - Screaming Blues

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    New Screaming Trumpet demo - Screaming Blues

    I thought I would post another Screaming Trumpet demo. This composition (all done in Reason) is a much simpler arrangement than the full big band stuff I've done in the past. It involves just piano, bass, drums, and of course a Screaming Trumpet solo throughout that carries the entire piece.

    Here is the link:


    The trumpet exploits many of the articulations in the library including:

    1. Sustains
    2. Vibrato
    3. Swells
    4. Stacato
    5. Various falls (short, long, smooth, rough)
    6. Rip endings (think Maynard Ferguson)
    7. Growls and flutter tongue
    8. Grace notes
    9. Chromatic scales up/down
    10. Doits
    11. Bends (down/up and down)
    12. Slur ups
    13. Shakes
    14. Release triggers
    15. Rises

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    Re: New Screaming Trumpet demo - Screaming Blues

    Wow! wow! wow! wow WOW!!!! absolutely loved it. One of the most realistic performances I've heard. I have nothing but praise and admiration

    You can listen to my latest piece here -

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