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Topic: Soundcard for Intel iMac 17" (Edirol FA66)

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    Soundcard for Intel iMac 17" (Edirol FA66)

    I currently have an M-Audio firewire solo but I am in the process of looking to upgrade to a firewire card that allows for simultaneous recording. My local music store manager also has a couple of Intel iMacs and swears by Edirol (FA-66 or FA-101) as they are class complient and don't require drivers. They also have little to no latency for soft synths which is good. My Firewire Solo doesn't have MIDI outputs (something I also need) and doesn't record on anything but 1 channel at a time. The Edirol also has optical ports which is nice since I used to master all of my stuff to Minidisc and have hours of music I would like to transfer to my Mac.

    Question is, does anyone (other than my friendly store manager) use Edirol soundcards with Macs successfully. I have read some mixed reviews about these cards. I was going to go with a MOTU UltraLite but that seems like overkill since I don't need that many inputs. And it's a helluva lot more expensive too.


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    Re: Soundcard for Intel iMac 17" (Edirol FA66)

    geez, no one can help me out here?

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