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Topic: looking for an orchestrator/string arranger

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    looking for an orchestrator/string arranger


    we´re are a multi platinum and gold producer/songwriting team looking for a great modern string arranger.

    we´re looking for someone whos doing the arrangments with the VSL Instruments since we need the midi files for the songs.

    the project we´re working on (and the project which needs greats strings) is a female newcomer with straight pop/rock mainstream songs in the style of christina aguilera/anastacia/kelly clarkson and sometimes an evanescence touch;-)

    please feel free to send me:
    some of your work via email or your weblink with your references/mp3.

    looking forward to hearing from you

    thanks in advance

    best regards



    mail: martin@poplab-studios.com


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    Re: looking for an orchestrator/string arranger

    thanks for your interest, we received so many mails, that we need to sort that out now!



    Thread Closed.

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