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Topic: I search a Diskclavier Owner for ...

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    I search a Diskclavier Owner for ...


    i'm searching a diskclavier owner to record my piano track recorded under cubase SX with a motif classic 8.
    is there any people who can do that or maybe a recording studio (not too expensive , i hope) who can do that kind of service with a GOOD sound ?


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    Re: I search a Diskclavier Owner for ...

    Hi Marty

    What file do you have, is it midi or audio?

    You don't really need a diskclavier to achieve the result. A little more info required.


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    Re: I search a Diskclavier Owner for ...

    hello, thanks for the reply

    it's Midi of course.
    i just want to have my tracks played by a real grand piano, and recorded in audio ... i'm just tired of piano plugins.. i want a real piano !! unfortunatly, because of my many hearings problems (hyperacusis, tinnitus etc ...) i can't record these pieces on a real piano in a recording studio...

    voila ..

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    Re: I search a Diskclavier Owner for ...

    Marty Prod,

    I will see if I can do that for you. I don´t have myself a Disclavier but I could maybe find one.
    I am living in Madrid, Spain but I am also french from Pas-de-Calais.
    You can send a PM to me from here or by email.

    A bientôt,

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