Since I discovered this program by reading forums, I just wanted to make sure that others know about it. I actually found it by reading about Maartin Spruijt's studio on his website, which I discovered through this forum. Here is the page:

The Chicken of the VNC part is a revelation, especially since I was balancing a keyboard on my lap and trying to type on a screen across the room. I now run three computers with one keyboard, one belkin flip and three monitors.

Chicken of the VNC is found here:

There is very little documentation with it, but it is very easy to set up in 10.4. On the slave computer simply open the sharing preferences, enable Apple Remote Desktop, enable all the boxes, click "VNC viewers can control screen with password" and enter password. On the master computer you open the Chicken application, connect to the slave with the password, then it appears as a window on your desktop. It supposedly works with PC's and Linux machines, too. It also apparently works over the internet, but I haven't tried this yet.

Considering that a DVI switcher can be $700, that Apple Remote Desktop is about $500, and that Chicken is free, I praise the Chicken.

(P.S. Bonus tip: NeoOffice is a free version of Microsoft Office!)