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Topic: Help please, recording with Kontact2-Audition2

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    Help please, recording with Kontact2-Audition2

    I have been searching for information on how to record a performance using Kontact2. Here's my components and problem.

    Intel P4, XP pro sp2. 1010LT sound card.

    I need to record the output using Audition 2. When I select the sound card for input, I get (ASIO driver unavailable) I tried running the 1010lt out to my onboard in but the recording is crummy.

    I am using Maple midi ports, Overture3, Kontact2.

    Sorry to be cryptic but I don't quite understand it all yet. If more info is needed, I shall try to answer.

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    Re: Help please, recording with Kontact2-Audition2

    You have 10 in and outs why not use some of those. Also (if allowed) use WDM instead of ASIO.

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    Re: Help please, recording with Kontact2-Audition2

    Thanks for the response. I have tried other input-outputs but they seem to be shared by the same ASIO driver.

    Kontakt2 uses the ASIO driver as well. Please excuse my ignorance in this matter as I am quite inexperienced with this setup.

    I have tried using the Audition Windows Driver but it is not connecting with the Delta card.

    I have also attempted to use another recording program (Absolute Sound Recorder) but it will not configure or capture the sound from the 1010lt with Kontakt running either.

    There must be a way to capture the output from Kontakt2.

    Can someone give me a step-by-step on how to record a Kontakt performance with M-audio Delta cards? There may be a simple step that I am missing.

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    Re: Help please, recording with Kontact2-Audition2

    I don't understand these things either, but I use K2 as a plugin in Plogue Bidule, where I can see all the Kontakt outputs. I click to create a sound recorder which has as many tracks as I want and directly connect them up. I think it all happens before it reaches the sound card so there is no degredation. (Bidule is an intuitive sort of Meccano of music synthesis with all kinds of MIDI and audio devices and you can try it free).

    If I am using the standalone version, I change the interface to Directsound (File > Audi/MIDI setup) and Device to my ordinary soundcard and the sound can then be recorded with any sound utility or even Windows sound recorder. (2 tracks only)

    Don't know if this helps.


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    Re: Help please, recording with Kontact2-Audition2

    Ok thanks. I have tried direct record through my on-board sound card but the results are completely unsatisfactory.

    I have download the Plogue Bidule and am now trying to get everything working.

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