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Topic: GPO meets Heavy Metal

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    GPO meets Heavy Metal

    this is a short orchestral-metal song, in which i used a nealy full GPO setup (5 instances) and where real drums (not MIDI!!), bass and distorted guitars were added.

    i hope it will be inserted in my band's forthcoming album (produced by me!), even if we play a sort of melodic hardcore rock/punk in italian, which i nothing to do with orchestration and heavy metal! it will be the last and closing-album song...

    it still need mastering to pump up the volume, and probably some more tweaking of the parts... mixing such amounts of tracks (some of them played for real and not midi-zed) is not an easy task!
    for example the drummer says the snare is low on volume, even though i think it's ok! :-D
    moreover, do you think that the sounds are blending well together??

    anyway... any comment will be appreciated!

    the link:



    PS: the song still need a title!! ;-)

    PPS: if you'd like to listen to a on-going mixing song of our album, here it is

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    Re: GPO meets Heavy Metal

    Nice job,
    But it's made harder if your drummer can't play to a click track.
    There's been some very famous ones struggled with midi timing.


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    Re: GPO meets Heavy Metal

    Well, first off I hear some "popping" in the mix. Some of your track levels may be too high; not sure. Also the drummer seemed a little off rhythm just for the first bar or so. Other than that I think it is very well executed. I especially enjoyed the bass guitar lines. I think after a little fine tuning it would be great ending for your album. Reminds me of the late 80's early 90's when metal bands were mixing the orchestra with some of the songs; ex. Guns and Roses.
    Good job, thanks for sharing.

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    Re: GPO meets Heavy Metal

    Great job blending GPO and the metal, Matteo;
    this really works, and works well... enjoyed
    listening to this, let it loop a number of times.

    Others have mentioned a few technical areas
    that could use refinement, certainly -- but
    you've certainly got all the main elements
    very successfully in play.



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    Re: GPO meets Heavy Metal

    Nice job of putting together a whole bunch of sounds into an interesting package. I suspect not many have thought through anything like this heavy metal work!



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    Re: GPO meets Heavy Metal

    It sounds pretty close to me though it did seem like the drummer was fighting the midi timing until the guitar came in.

    Quite an uplifting number.


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    Re: GPO meets Heavy Metal

    i thank you everyone for the kind replies! :-)

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