I started a thread about finding practice videos online for scoring to a couple of weeks ago. Thanks again for all the suggestions. The thread is found here: http://northernsounds.com/forum/show...light=practice

I ended up downloading the Godsend trailer and went from there. I needed to really hack into the original audio to remove the score. You will find there are obvious sound design elements missing in parts. I was pretty happy that I was able to remove about 95% of the original music. Although in doing so, lots of the dialog and sound design is very choppy or missing. But I think it was good enough as a practice exercise. With that in mind I didn’t go overboard in mixing or making sure everything was perfect. I just wanted to see if I could pull of a score for this trailer and do a reasonable job at it.

I’m really interested to know what you guys think of my "practice" efforts. The file is 36mb and found here: http://www.members.iinet.com.au/~peterwayne/PracticeVideo.avi