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Topic: GVI - Anyone noticed low output?

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    GVI - Anyone noticed low output?

    Hi there,
    I'm wondering if GVI has a lower output than other samplers.
    If i play an instrument in GVI it sounds very low in volume compared to kontakt or other samplers. Has anyone else noticed this?

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    Re: GVI - Anyone noticed low output?

    I've used GVI in the same Cubase project as GS3 and in the same Cubase project as other VSTis (QLRA, M-Tron, etc.) and haven't really noticed that.

    Or, at least, I've never noticed anything that was so noticeable that I felt that I needed to do anything about it...

    There are so many places where the volume might be effected. I guess you've got to make sure that they're all set properly. There's a volume slider in GVI (more than one if you're dealing with stacked instruments), there's MIDI volume and track volume in Cubase (and, presumably, in all other DAW applications), there's CC11 information (there were times where I didn't understand why things were playing so softly until I realized that I had kicked my expression pedal), and so on...

    Do you experience this with all instruments, or just some?
    Some instruments are just recorded soft, other times the instruments are the right "volume" yet appear softer because they're lost in the mix...

    — alanb




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