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Topic: Settings Window

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    Settings Window

    Hello there,

    I wonder if you can help me...?

    I'm unsure as to why the settings window appears when I hit the options tab (or anywhere on the virtual keyboard for that matter) in the Kontact window.

    All I want to do is try and change the midi controll number, so that my expression pedal takes over from the modulation wheel, but the relevant window will not appear.

    Is anyone able to offer a new user any advice?!


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    Re: Settings Window

    Hi, Jazzbeard

    Are you talking about the Kontact player that comes with GPO and/or JABB, or the full Kontact 2 player?

    I use GPO and JABB and the players included in the programs. What you're trying to do isn't possible in those players, I'm fairly sure. The advanced Kontact I have no experience with.

    Apparently you think you'll be more comfortable using a pedal instead of the mod wheel for sending cc1 to the instruments, correct?

    --If you want to re-direct controller data that way, you do that from your keyboard or control surface, or DAW. If none of those offer a way to change controller assignments on hardware, then there are utilities (some posted at the Garritan site I believe) which will translate one controller into another on the fly.


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    Re: Settings Window

    Thanks for the advice rbrowser. I am talking about the Kontact player within GPO by the way.

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    Re: Settings Window

    You can not change controllers in the Kontakt Player (1 & 2). Instead you can use MIDI-Ox to map one controller onto another.

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