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Topic: anyone using GVI

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    anyone using GVI

    Im just wondering if anyone is using GVI I did a search and nothing turned up. I assume it is out yet. I am back to using a gigastudio version I got bundled with a US-122. I just wondered if GVI is stable

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    Re: anyone using GVI

    GVI has been out for several months now. In fact, there have already been downloadable updates to the initial release (check the TASCAM site). I have not had any issues with GVI on my dual core PC. It seems quite stable. I did experience Blue Screens of Death when I tried to run Gigastudio 3 on the same machine, albeit in the presence of other programs (including Microsoft Outlook). I wasn't able to dedicate a PC to the Gigastudio as they have recommended in the past. GVI is the perfect solution for me.
    I also own KONTAKT 2, and it seems develop has turned toward that platform.

    Nonetheless, as Peter Alexander has written in a recent article, many developers might look to the GVI format again as an option. Read his whole review of GVI at:



    Robert Tewes

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    Re: anyone using GVI

    thanks Robert, I really appreciate it.

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    Re: anyone using GVI

    I just fired it up over the weekend to see how it worked with WinXP64 and it was pretty solid with that. Once I got the dongle to work. I had to get an update from Syncrosoft here:


    Only thing I wasn't sure of is where to put the Gigapulse files that are integral to some GS3 libs like Sampletekk's. GVI doesn't seem to have a config entry for that. So I just tossed them into the same directory along with the lib's gsi's. Not sure if that's right. I should probably ask a developer.


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    Re: anyone using GVI

    Yup. Using it here. Loving it.

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    Re: anyone using GVI

    Hi jeff,
    www.VirtualInstrumentsMag.com did a review of GVI in the Feb/March 2007 issue. The only Giga related product I have is the original Gigasampler which I bought right when it was released for $800.

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    Re: anyone using GVI

    GVI works great.

    GVI works great on the same machine as GS3.

    GVI has no major "bugs" . . . yes, there have been tiny things here and there (as with any new program... and as with many of the sample libraries that we here all love), but nothing major, and nothing that gets in the way of using the program and making music without fuss.

    I've been using GVI since it first hit the stores, and I've had virtually no problems with it (and believe me, I had much more than my share of problems with GS3 when I first got it -- you can read my earliest posts here for proof of that).


    Yes, there have been a number of updates, some to address tiny tiny issues with the interface, some to incorporate small changes that were specifically requested by GVI users, and mostly to add additional features to the program (for example, the addition of Giga's four original NFX effects algorithms, the ability to run multiple instances of GVI on multi-processor (dual core) computers in Cubase, Nuendo and Pro Tools, and so on).

    The number of updates referred to in the previous post is, IMO, not a sign that the program is feeble, but rather reflective of TASCAM's recently-revamped efforts to improve their (decidedly problematic) level of customer support. They've been listening to consumers (like me), and the fact that changes have been incorporated into the program so quickly shows this.

    I've heard that they are working hard on developing a MacTEL version of GVI, and that the "fourth generation" of Giga technology is also in the pipeline. My fingers are crossed...

    I'd appreciate it Stephen was more specific in identifying the "lot of bugs" he's read about "in the forums all over," which I have (fortunately) never experienced.


    GVI does not run in "kernel mode" the way that GS3 does, so you can load more samples at once. Because it doesn't run in "kernel mode," it is not as sensitive to hardware/software conflicts as Giga is. It is as stable as any VSTi I've used.

    The two major disadvantages to GVI (as compared with GS3) are that (i) GVI does not have the DEF and extensive editing capabilities that GS3 has, and (ii) although GVI will interpret GigaPulse information that has been incorporated into an instrument (SampleTekk's pianos, for instance), you cannot add GigaPulse to instruments that don't already have that information. Your alternatives are to stick with "traditional" reverbs (like the NFX reverb that now comes with GVI, thanks to the recent update) or, if you want a full-on convo job, you can buy GigaPulse VST (which you can use on anything) or some other convo (Altiverb, Wizoo, etc.).
    — alanb




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    Re: anyone using GVI

    Great overview, Alan.

    BTW, I wish people would stop calling GS3 unstable. I used it intensively over the last few days, and it was 100% rock solid. I typically ran it at about 75% RAM capacity day after day, hour after hour. I'd shut it down and open up Vegas to do some video editing or audio recording/mixing, then shut down Vegas and open up GS3 and Sonar again.

    The problem for GS3 is that it doesn't like some hardware setups, drivers and possibly some apps like Outlook Express. But if you run it on a solid machine, it's anything but unstable. Finicky about the PC, yes. Unstable, no.

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    Re: anyone using GVI

    Stephen, I'm still hoping that you'll post specific examples of the "lot of bugs being mentioned in the forums all over."

    That's a pretty hefty allegation, combined with the equally heavy suggestion that this supposed multiplicity of bugs is widely acknowledged. I don't think that either of these notions are borne out by actual experience (both in terms of the major relevant forum discussions and in terms of GVI's real-world performance).

    To begin with, what "bugs" have you personally had to deal with? Maybe we can help you resolve your problems.

    Then let's look at the rest of them. A "lot of bugs" should give us plenty to discuss...
    — alanb




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    Re: anyone using GVI

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    GS3 works well for some and is absolutely a PITA for others
    True enough. But the question that began this thread was about GVI, not GS3. They are entirely different beasts, and one's experience with GS3 has no real bearing on what one's experience with GVI will be.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    GS3 requires that you basically tailor your entire system to fit it. That is not realistic given the breadth of apps that it is incompatible with - some of which are indispensible (like certain pro recording, video and post processing/mastering apps.)
    True, too. We are all used to being able to install whatever we want on our computers. GS3 is a very different thing from what we've been used to. Because it runs in "kernel mode," subtle incompatibilities which could be overlooked by "application level" programs lead to major crashes.

    I resisted at first, not liking to be told what to do by a mere application... but eventually I said "fine," created a dual-bootable-partition-based system [one with everything and the kitchen sink, one with just GS3, GVI, Cubase and my VSTis], made GS3 happy, and finally got on with musicmaking. I haven't looked back...

    But TASCAM's current approach makes a lot of sense to me -- for the "serious" composers/creators, who want to do the hardcore work with their libraries, and who are willing/able to make the necessary hardware commitment, GS3 is available. For the "hobbyist" musician, or for the person who can't get GS3 to play nicely with his/her system, GVI (with or without a convo like GPulse) is the solution. All bases are being covered...

    The so-called "fourth generation" of Giga technology is supposedly being designed to, among other things, work in XP64- or Vista-based environments. Whether this means that GS4 will no longer need to run in "kernel mode," I don't know (although there is supposed to be an official announcement coming in the next couple of months, so hopefully we'll all know soon).

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    Hopefully GVI eliminates most of these problems.
    So far, it seems to. Equally importantly, we have seen people from TASCAM acknowledging the company's past shortcomings, and taking aggressive steps to rectify things going forward.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stephen McMahan
    I started out with GigaSampler and moved on to GS2 and GS3 - I found the tools invaluable - but after recent problems with it and TASCAM support - I tossed it for good. (They actually expected me to reformat my boot drive - do a new system install and reinstall all my apps (100s) by hand in order to even get support from them.
    Well, a system with "100s" of apps on it is probably not the best environment for GS3, so you may have made the right decision on that basis alone.

    And, let me say again, there are means for receiving technical assistance now that weren't available when you (and I) first got involved with GigaStudio. They are trying to make things better. Here as in "real life," while it is important to remember the past, it is equally important not to allow your recollection of the past to cloud your perception of the present or preclude your acceptance of a possibly better future...

    Back to practicalities: as others have taught me here at NSS, there are options like "Ghost"-ing your drive in the beginning, so that a full system restoration is a one- (or, at most, few-)step process. You should look into that option, regardless of what you use on your machine.
    — alanb




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