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Topic: Some Voices Recognized, and others...

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    Some Voices Recognized, and others...

    I thought I had the problem solved, but it turns out that only some voices are playing. Even when I load JABB throught the Garritan Studio, only piano, guitar, bass, percussion, and a few isolated voices will sound (like flute, piccolo). Saxes and brass are all mute. I even changed the name of the Garritan Jazz Big Band folder, and re-installed the program. It seems that there is a problem with where these voices are installed, or the player (either the Garritan or Finale) are looking in the wrong place for them. I sincerely hope (for the sake of all other users of this program) that my difficulties getting this running properly is an isolated case.

    Would this have anything to do with the files(s) GJBB_Library_part1.nks (or part 2) in the Garritan Jazz Big Band Library folder? It's odd that some voices will play and not others.

    Thanks for any help forum members can offer.

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    Re: Some Voices Recognized, and others...

    The simplest possibility: Have you raised the mod wheel level? Most of the instruments you mention (piano, bass, guitar, percussion) are "percussive" instruments - strike and decay - which use velocity for volume. Horns are "expressive" instruments that use mod wheel for volume/timbre. Just want to make sure you haven't overlooked that.


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