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Topic: [B]Making extra multi instruments in the Peter Delano logic environment[/B]

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    Talking Making extra multi instruments in the Peter Delano logic environment

    Hi all.

    I have just downloaded the great logic environment by Peter Delano,which allows the mod wheel data to be recorded as track based automation. He very helpfully has made 3 multi instruments so that you can record up to 24 instruments in this way. He also says that you can copy more, but to make sure you copy everything relevant.

    I have tried every single way i can find to do this, but the input track and the switcher don't seem to point to the copied multi instrument and don't affect the mod data relating to the new copied instrument.

    Can anyone talk me through how to copy an extra multi for this, so that i can make an environment to the size that i require?

    Also, I have tried (and failed) to copy this environment into my autoload so that i can merge the two together, but i just can't get it working in my own setup.

    Can anyone give me an answer to this one either???

    If i could sort this out, i would have a much better workflow, and i would be a very happy man!

    Thanks gang

    David Tobin
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