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Topic: Just saying hello, but need help.

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    Question Just saying hello, but need help.

    I just want to say Hi and, this may not be the place for this question. But here goes!
    I started the orchestration course last year, could'nt get the scores loaded into Logic Pro 7, stop to work on a project and never got back.
    If any one out there can tell me how to hook that up I would be greatful.
    I would like to complete the course.
    Thanks for the help!
    PS. Any info about how to get through the orchestration course and new samples would also be great.

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    Re: Just saying hello, but need help.

    Hello R.T.B, Welcome, and i think this is probably the right place to ask.

    I don't have Logic Pro7, only the lowly Logic Express 7, but i would think that part would be the same. I download the midi file, from the exercises, to my desktop or a folder, then in logic, just use the "File" menu and press "Open", then navigate to the .mid file, and click the open button. Mine gives a massage stating that there is a data error and only four of the eight tracks will open, but i don't think if you have pro vesion, it will do that, probably a limit in express.

    Maybe someone here with the pro version can give better advice.

    If you are talking about the written scores, they are in Flash and i don't know how you could do that.


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